Melissa Hope Matlins

Fashionistas, Look Green Without Even Trying
May 8, 2007, 7:16 pm
Filed under: Fashion, Green, Sustainability

Even the most die-hard fashionista knows its trendy to be green. But, ladies, have you gone green without even trying? I have personally found that many of this seasons trends are truly conducive to a more sustainable lifestyle (its a start, baby steps!) so lets do a round-up.

The giant purse: When this trend emerged, did you wonder, “What am I going to put in there?” The answer – everything. Your morning snack from the deli. Leftovers from lunch. A little somthing from the pharmacy. Swag from the party. Change of clothes. Clothes from last night. New Clothes. Groceries, beer, wine, it all fits inside! Ditch the bag at the checkout counter. Every time someone offers you a side of plastic bag with your purchase, just say no, and help cut down, in your own special way, on the nearly 7 billion plastic bags used annually. Besides, the right way to rock the giant purse trend is to fill it up! If the salesperson looks at you strangely when you refuse their newest overdesigned shiny shopper tote, just let them know that you would rather put it in your purse so your boyfriend/friend/jealous co-workers don’t know that you were sample-sale-ing on your lunch hour. Again.

Ballet flats: New York City is a “walking city” for everyone now that ballet flats are in style! And the best part is, you don’t even have to change shoes for work. Wear them at night, save tons on cab fare, and save the environment in the process. Cabs were practically invented to squire stilett0-wearing women from venue to venue. Shock your date, refuse the do0r-to-door service, enjoy a fresh breath of air and put the money in the kitty for a pair of ballet flats in every color.

Vintage: What goes around comes around. If you don’t want to recycle last seasons looks from your own closet, trade them in at your locale vintage or resale shop (or ebay!) for someone elses goods! I have personally found that older clothes are better value for the money, and better quality. So skip the pseudo-Courreges baby doll from H&M, produced in an African country that you can’t pronounce, for the gently worn real deal.

Local talent: Can you find Palau on a map? Ever wonder how your clothes got here? Its amazing that they aren’t out of fashion after travelling halfway around the world to your closet. For truly fresh fashion check out the local talent. I love finding great pieces produced right here in New York City, and boutique design helps to ensure that I don’t see my identical twin at the the next party.

More tips to come. No one said that just because you are an earth mother, you have to dress like one.