Melissa Hope Matlins

Yet Another Reason Why Vegetable Oil Should Only Be Used For Frying
April 25, 2007, 7:23 pm
Filed under: Green, Springfield, Illinois, Suburbanism, Sustainability

A 79 year old retiree and his wife conspired to cheat the Illinois government out of its gasoline tax – to the tune of $244.
While one must respect the zealous nature of the Illinois Department of Revenue, whose agents visited the couple personally to issue a $2,500 bond for David Wetzel of Decatur, the case illustrates the obvious misfirings of local, state and government officials and entities as they struggle with the issues surrounding alternative fuels, like the vegetable oil that the Wetzels use to power their car. Gasoline taxes fund transportation projects, and energy transport alternatives (vegetable oil, electricity, the bus?) are taking away from the necessary revenue to fund that new super-highway, coming through a neighborhood near you. Though elected officials are be talking the talk about reducing our dependence on oil, it will obviously take some time before a green attitude is properly legislated and enforced.
Via : Herald-Review


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