Melissa Hope Matlins

The Mother Road
September 24, 2006, 7:48 pm
Filed under: Design, Springfield, Illinois, Suburbanism

It was serendipity that I landed in Springfield during the famed Route 66 festival. Classic cars (exclusively american made) where on display throughout downtown, which strangely included a few mustangs from the 80’s.
This raises oft-debated questions in preservation, at what point is a design object or building considered to have historic importance? How the accelerated production of objects and abbreviated duration of trends affect the act of preservation?
I could tell that the classic car afficiandos attending the festival were intensely contemplating these vital issues, deep in thought as they ambled through the closed off streets enjoying Springfield’s finest delicacy, the “cozy dog” (code name for corn dog). Or maybe their troubled looks had to do with the rain.


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that shall be a term i shall use on my own in the future, though just a mere two words, to me, that says one helluva lot; stay safe, have fun, explore the world; you are very lucky indeed.

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